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As an original literary platform owned by WEBCOMICS HOLDINGS, Readin is dedicated to discovering authors with creative talents and passion for creation. On Readin platform, excellent stories can not only get a large number of fans, high rewards for creations, but also have the opportunity to own larger development plans in the fields of publication distribution, adaptation, and merchandise etc.


Recruits: Authors, including novice authors who dream to create novels.

Settle-in Reward

Create works that meet criteria and get $20


  • Successfully publish a novel on Readin.
  • More than 4,000 words should be published in each novel.


  • Each author can only get the settle-in reward once.
  • Settle-in reward will be given automatically. No need to apply for it.

Reward for Continuous Updates

Will be given every month, up to $500


  • Successfully publish a novel on Readin with continuous updates.
  • No less than 3,000 readers put your novel in their Favorites lists.
  • Update more than 20,000 words monthly.
  • It has to be an ongoing novel. (You cannot get the reward if the novel you publish is complete on other platforms.)


  • Each ongoing novel is eligible for the reward.
  • Qualified works require authors’ applications in the Works List. Rewards corresponding to different levels can be acquired after editorial reviews. Only one application is needed for each work, after which an editorial review will be implemented every month.
  • Each month, the editor will comprehensively evaluate the level of the work according to the popularity, Favorites numbers, comments, update status, quality of creation, etc., and the author will get the corresponding reward. The monthly evaluation results may change with the actual conditions of each work.

Reward for Complete Novels

May be reward with up to $300 after uploading complete works!


  • Works that have been completed before participating in this reward.
  • No less than 20,000 words in each complete work.
  • After creating and publishing this complete work, the author needs to manually set the novel to the Complete status to apply for the reward.


  • Each complete work is eligible to apply for the reward once, please do not submit the application repeatedly.
  • If you've applied for the reward of continuous updates, you cannot apply for the reward of complete novels.
  • After editorial review and evaluation, you can get the final reward ranging from $0-$300.

Buyout Plan

Excellent works will have the opportunity to be purchased by Readin at a high price, and the IP commercial development will create greater value.


1. General information
  • The monetary units involved in the Benefit Program mentioned above is US dollar.
  • The number of words in each chapter is calculated based on English words, punctuation is not included.
  • Please carefully select the age rating of the work. If the content of the work is significantly different from the selected level, some texts may not be displayed normally, which will affect users' reading and thus affect the work rating and the reward.
  • This Benefit Program is currently only available for novels published in English. Fanfiction and Non-English novels can be normally published but cannot participate in “Reward for Continuous Updates” and “Reward for Complete Novels” for the time being.
2. Description of Remuneration
  • All rewards will be issued to the account within 45 business days after the entry meets the participation conditions. For example, if your work meets the participation conditions in January, we will issue the reward before 31st March.
  • When the reward of all works exceeds 100USD, you can apply for withdrawing the money. A single withdrawal is withdrawn at an integer of 100USD, and the part less than 100USD is waiting for the next withdrawal.
  • The balance of the account will be updated before the 25th of each month. Please submit a withdrawal request within 15 days. We will pay before the 31st of the month following the update of the balance. If the withdrawal request is submitted after the prescribed time, it will be postponed to the next payment cycle.
  • We currently only support Payoneer. For the first withdrawal, you need to log in to your Payoneer account through the link prompted by the "Settlement of Payment" interface to link to our payment system. Both the processing fees and taxes arising from the payment process shall be borne respectively by both parties.
3. Description of Violation

Based on the principle of being responsible for the readers, respecting the contract and the law, and also maintaining a good original writing environment, in the following situations, the platform will cancel the Benefit he/she enjoys according to the severity level, and recover the author's rewards on Readin.

  • The author and the work involve plagiarism or other copyright infringement.
  • The author vilifies or denigrates Readin and cooperation channels on any public pages, media, or information platforms.
  • A large number of meaningless plots are filled, edited, repeatedly updated, and the content is intentionally copied to gain rewards.
  • Get popularity or tamper with data of works through technical means.
  • Deceive readers for illegal gains by using the indentity as an author.

This Benefit Program will be implemented since March, 2020. During the implementation period, Readin reserves all rights for explanation. Readin reserves the right to revise this Benefit program and specific operations according to the actual situation. If there is any revision, please refer to the latest revised version. The latest version of Benefit Program is not retroactive.



Owns WebComics comic platform and Readin novel platform.

  • Since the launch of the WebComics App in 2018, it has more than 15 million users worldwide and is currently the most popular mobile comic platform. WebComics provides the best quality comics electronic publishing services for more than 3,000 comic creators from over 400 comic studios or companies.
  • In 2020, Readin novel platform went online!

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